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Why allocating your 5% option to the foundation Italian League for Research on Huntington

Allocating the 5% option of your income to a non-profit organization that pursues social welfare interests (non-profit organization, ONLUS) such as, in this case, the research on rare neurodegenerative diseases, is a very simple step: just enter the tax number of the chosen organization in the appropriate box (one of the five boxes that appear on the tax return forms: Unico PF tax form, 730 form, i.e. a special form attached to the CUD declaration (W2 or wage and tax statement) for all those who are exempt from the obligation to submit the tax statement) and sign it at the bottom of the form.

The 5% option is just a very small part of the income, it may seem a drop in the ocean, in the end too small to be of help, but it is not true: the amounts we receive through many 5% option donations allow us to carry out activities of assistance, information, training and research on Huntington's Disease. In other words, these donations allow us to make the difference.


you will support research on Huntington's disease

The foundation Italian League for Research on Huntington makes an important contribution to the ENROLL-HD observational research program, which aims to understand the natural history of the disease in order to identify the most effective therapies. It also conducts research protocols on cognitive and psychological aspects and supports both patients and researchers in conducting drug trials.

you will support free assistance for families 

In 2018, we assisted more than 750 people from all over Italy free of charge, we replied to about 1800 phone calls received on the 800.388.330 toll free number, we answered many dozens of requests received through the Ask the Expert form. We have provided pre-test psychological counseling and support to caregivers throughout the country.

You will support increased knowledge on huntington's disease

We have organized many events and conferences throughout the year, made videos and interviews, we have a newsletter on new welfare and scientific insights.


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