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Board of Directors

Ferdinando Squitieri
Barbara D'Alessio
Luciano Finotto


Paolo Lista


Scientific Board


Prof. Ferdinando Squitieri: Neurologist, geneticist and psychiatrist. He has been dealing with Huntington and related diseases - as a physician as well as a researcher- since 1984. European Huntington Disease Network and Huntington Study Group Principal Investigator. Head of the Neurogenetics and Rare Diseases Center at Neuromed - Neurological Research Institute in Pozzilli (IS); Lecturer in Medical Genetics and in Bioethics at Sapienza University of Rome.


Prof. Francesco Pierelli: Neurologist, therapy, learning and rehabilitation of Huntington related diseases specialist. Department of Science and Medical Surgical Biotechnology at Università Sapienza, Rome.
Prof. Ralf Reillman: Clinical neurologist, Huntington’s Disease specialist; principal investigator and member of European Huntington’s Disease’s executive committee; Department of Neurology, University of Münster, Germany; Founder of the George Huntington Institute, Münster, Germany.
Dr. Umberto Sabatini: Neurologist, magnetic resonance specialist in movement disorder diseases and in particular Huntington’s Chorea, member of European Huntington’s Disease Network. Santa Lucia Reserach Foundation, Rome.
Prof. Justo Garcia de Yebenes: Neurologist, Huntington’s Disease specialist. Principal Investigator and member of European Huntington’s Disease Network. He was European Huntexil trials coordinator. Department of Neurology, Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid, Spain.
Prof. Francesco Marrosu: Neurologist, neurodegenerative diseases’ specialist, author of important studies about movement disorder and rare neurological diseases; Director of Department of Neurological and Cardiovascular Science at University of Cagliari, Sardinia.


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