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Join us for the 'Under the Umbrella' campaign- World Brain Day


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One in three people suffer from brain disorder.

'Together Under the Umbrella' campaign will lead to an increase in public, political and scientific support for all brain and brain-related disorders, resulting in reduced stigma.

The aims of the campaign are as follows:

1- To educate society on the wide range of neurological and other brain/brain-related disorders;

2 - To raise awareness of the impact and prevalence of these disorders; 

3 - To brand the brain by grouping these disorders under a common symbol to create a unified and identifiable ‘brand’.

The campaign asks the patient community, general public, and high profile figures to take and share a picture of themselves under an umbrella using the hashtag #UnderTheUmbrella.

We invite you to join the campaign under the LIRH umbrella: take a picture of you under the umbrella, post it and write 'we are #undertheumbrella of #lirh for #huntingtonsdisease'. 

We did it!

Together, to raise more awareness on Huntington's Disease!



Under the Umbrella for Huntington Disease_LIRH

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