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Juvenile Huntington Disease


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The cases in which Huntington Disease hits before 20 years are very rare, but they exist.

Juvenile form symptoms could be different from the adult form, like for the variation of Westphal.

First symptoms generally involve slowness, stiffness, clumsy movements, speech difficulties and epileptic crisis in the 30-50% of cases.

The progress of juvenile form is more serious than the adult form. Contrasting with Mendel’s values of heredity, the majority of juvenile cases inherits the mutation from male parent (64% with outbreak from 10 to 20 years old, 100% with outbreak before 10 years old).

LIRH follows with meticulous attention research’s evolution on juvenile cases. 

LIRH president - Prof. Ferdinando Squitieri  - is member of the Juvenile Huntington’s Disease (JHD) experts international working group, whose members are from different Countries. 

If you want to know more about JHD, please visit:

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