The Broken Doll

The Broken Doll, A story of Huntington Disease: the cartoon

The first cartoon on Huntington's disease. For children living in HD families.

A mom diagnosed with HD. A little girl who struggles to understand and accept this reality. And a broken doll. Her favorite toy, which has always been with her, in moments of joy and sadness. Just like her mother.

What happens when the little girl leaves her doll and, with it, all her memories? And how can the doll's sincere love and her need to return to the child's arms help her cope with the relationship with her sick mother?

The Broken Doll - A story of Huntington Disease, is the first cartoon about Huntington's disease. The project was born from an idea of ​​NOI Huntington-The Italian Youth HD Association, funded with a Roche Foundation grant and supervised by LIRH Foundation as regards the content.

The cartoon was created with the aim of explaining to children the behavior, incomprehensible to them, of mum or dad, with a communication tool and a language suitable for them. Although HD is considered as a 'movement disorders', in fact it is also strongly characterized by the presence of behavioral disorders, with frequent outbursts of anger, mood swings, verbal and physical aggression, with an inevitable repercussion on the minors in the family.

The Broken Doll - A story of Huntington Disease was made by Macine Motion Pictures Productions based in Thessalonica, Greece. “Art has the power to reach directly people's hearts. I would be extremely happy if The Broken Doll could recompose the broken heart of even a single child or a single person who is facing this inexorable disease”, are the words of Katerina Bolmati, author of the script.

"This cartoon gives us the opportunity to communicate with the most fragile and defenseless slice of the Huntington community", says prof. Ferdinando Squitieri, LIRH Scientific Director. "We now have an extraordinary tool, offered to the global HD community, thanks also to the English subtitles".

"I am proud that we have given life to this beautiful project designed for those children - like me when I was little - who took care of their sick parent - explains Marco Salvadori, President of NOI Huntington-the Italian Youth HD Association - I hope it will help those who will watch it be resilient. And above all, I do hope it will help overcome the sense of shame that unfairly accompanies those living with Huntington's disease ”.