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The Shape of Life – Understanding the fight against genetic disorders through Huntington’s Disease

The Shape of Life - Understanding the fight against genetic disorders through Huntington’s Disease is the title of an international movie by MoonLife Film, a film and TV program production company.

The Shape of Life is meant to be a movie about the willingness to cure the incurable, to remain healthy as long as possible, which is ‘the dream’ of all human beings since centuries.

Although it cannot be defined as a movie ‘about’ HD, the impact that Huntington's Disease has on the main character is crucial to the plot.



David is a brilliant, at-risk for HD, researcher from the UK. When his 8 years old daughter starts to manifest the first symptoms of the disease, he concentrates all his efforts in finding a cure to save her life.  With limited resources at the State University Department in the UK, he is persuaded by an old college friend (Lars) to move to Siena (Italy), where a well-funded Research Centre is located. Once there, he realizes that his potentially life-saving ongoing research is simultaneously being used as part of a top-secret plan to develop military-grade biological weapons.

Producer: Moon Life Film srl
Director: Pantaleone A. Megna
Writers: T. Daish, P.A. Megna, D. Sivilli
Language: English
Runtime: 110 min.
Genre: Drama-Thriller


Why was HD chosen in this movie?

Here it is the Director's answer:
I had in mind to realize a movie about the human beings desperate research for a life-lasting health since many years. So, I started looking for a genetic, complex, incurable disorder that I could use as a symbol of what still represents a challenge for science, a disorder that could be a sort of emblem of all the still incurable human conditions. That’s how I discovered about Huntington’s Disease, which I didn’t know about before. When I started collecting information, I realized I have found exactly what I was looking for.” 


Why is this movie’s project worth supporting? 

  • HD will become more widely known: international movies are the most powerful and global communication tools ever
  • A key message will be strongly delivered: the cure for still incurable diseases must be accessible to everybody, and it is more important than a private or a corporate interest 
  • The film deals not only with HD, but also with Paediatric HD, which is very unusual even for the health care providers: it would be the first time Paediatric HD is ever mentioned in a movie
  • A more aware and informed environment – which we shall have after the movie’s distribution - will make it easier for all of us to cope with HD, both as individuals and as patients’ organizations
  • Public Institutions, drug companies, regulatory authorities, national health care providers will be reached by the same story and the same message, speaking on behalf of all of us
  • Last but not least:  we had the opportunity to read the script and give feedbacks on it; we also meet the director in person several times and we can guarantee his absolute reliability and seriousness in approaching the topic


What can we do, as patients’ and research organizations ?

  • We can spread the word to our members and stakeholders in our communities, through our websites, social networks, newsletters, articles and all the communications tools at our disposal; 
  • We can invite our members and stakeholders to join the crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform and make individual donations.  The Kickstarter platform will be active by the end of 2020 (unless it will be necessary to postpone the date due to unexpected worsening of the pandemic situation)
  • We can send a supporting letter to the Director: 
  • We may wish to sign a partnership agreement: if you agree to do so, please let us know and we will sent you a template.


What can we do, as individuals?

We can donate on the Kickstarter platform, which will be active by the end of the year (we will inform you, with due advance).

However, if we really want to make a difference, we must be many: the more we are, the more donations we can collect!


What will we receive in return?

  • Huntington’s Disease will be more known and visible 
  • Our organizations will be acknowledged as partners of the movies, with the logo well visible in the final credits
  • All and each of us who will contribute, will become an integral part of this project.


What is the state of the art of the movie?

The final version of the script is ready, part of the cast has already been chosen and the first scenes have been shot. Now, in order to end the movie’s shooting, additional funds are needed


We are convinced that if the whole HD community will be supportive,  this movie will catch on and it will represent a great opportunity for all of us: it is extremely important to underline that the whole HD community will benefit from the success of this project and, if we support it, all of us will be part of it.


We strongly support this project and ask you to join us!


Read the official presentation 

Watch the trailer (password: moon)

Pantaleone Megna- Film Maker "The Shape of Life"

Meet the Director Pantaleone Megna, read our interview

In conclusion, how can I become part of this project?

  • I can spread the word about it project on your websites, newsletters and social media 
  • I can send a supporting letter to the director
  • I can participate in the advertisement of the crowdfunding campaign, online by the end of 2020 (we will inform you about the date well in advance)
  • I can invite my members organization to make individual donations on the Kickstarter platform


'The Shape of Life' website will be online soon: keep following us to stay informed and please send a support letter to on behalf of your association!

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at