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The San Marino Republic launches an Outpatients Service for Huntington's Disease


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The San Marino Republic is located in the heart of Northern Italy and it is a politically independent small Country: according to census 2013, San Marino’s population counts 31.448 inhabitants.

As an independent Country, its Government has implemented its own health care system which allows the General Hospital – the only Hospital in the Country - to access to all the inhabitants’ heath data, even those managed by single territorial health structures.

Because San Marino Republic health organization is completely independent from Italy’s, any single person affected by Huntington and other rare diseases is assisted by the General Hospital’s neurologists.

This is the reason why it is easily possible to count how many people are affected by Huntington disease (HD): up to now, 8 - apparently unrelated families - with a total of 10 affected subjects, have been identified.

On the basis of statistical genetic esteems, 8.25 new cases are expected in the next years. Moreover, recent studies confirm this trend (Squitieri F. et al. Clingenet. 2015 feb.).

This is the reason why the San Marino Health Authorities and the Neurological Department at the General Hospital promoted the set up of a Specific Outpatients Service, under the supervison of Prof. Ferdinando Squitieri,  LIRH Foundation Scientific Director.

San Marino Republic and Italy

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