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Therapy for Huntington Disease


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There are some different ways to treat the disease. The present treatments could be efficient for some common symptoms like depression, anxiety and personality disorders, involuntary movements.

Movements disorders don’t have to be necessarily blocked by drugs because often patients don’t have the awareness of them and because  drugs could damage cognitive aspects. Some doctors could prescribe drugs when these are absolutely essentials. In many cases, patients respond better when drug doses are slightest.

Recent studies proved that neuroleptics, especially the traditional ones full of side effects, make the seriousness of progress and autonomy worse. Also, drugs could be efficient in a stage of disease and not in others. For these reasons, it’s advisable to turn to a neurologist specialist in HD and a strengthened  culture in the use of psychiatric drugs; not all neurologists have a deep knowledge of such a complex and rare disease.

Family doctor has an important role: he  should turn to a neurologist that could give the best treatment . The affected person and family members play an incisive role supervising the efficiency of each cure and treatment. It could be useful to turn to a physiotherapist and a speech therapist to increase the quality of life since the first stages. A correct physiotherapy could consider the exercise of coordination operations to rehabilitate voluntary movements  like walking, dressing, buttoning up a jacket, playing with the ball, etc.

Nutrition is important for everyone’s life, but it has an essential role in HD affected people. These persons indeed have high calorie needs to keep the body weight. Often, the best advise and the best emotional support could come from who is already involved by the problem. Mutual support from other family members  could help to endure the disease.

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