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The Italian League for Research on Huntington and related diseases Foundation (LIRH Foundation) is a not for profit organization supporting and conducting scientific reserach, providing patients with free of charge assistance, promoting awareness raising initiatives, training professionals and spreading research results.

Our Foundation is characterized by a strong international vocation, as a member of the International Huntington Association and of the European Huntington Association.

Furthermore, we work in very close cooperation with the main actors involved in studying and curing Huntington's Disease (HD) all over the world.

What we do, in brief:

a) we support HD translational research and communicate its impact;
b) we provide free of charge clinical and psychological care to patients and their families through outpatients services located in Milan, Rome Florence, Isernia, Catania; 
c) we provide information and advice to patients and to professionals;
d) we involve volunteers in awareness raising initiatives;
e) we promote training seminars and conferences;
f) we facilitate patients’ recruitment in therapeutic and observational clinical trials; g) we manage a large data bank of subjects with HD, specifically contributing to dedicated HD national and international Registries and Networks.

Codice Fiscale 90026220948 -  P. Iva 00907370944
Iscrizione al n.88 del Registro delle Persone Guridiche della Prefettura di Isernia.

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