Are cold and detached behaviors symptomatic of Huntington's Disease?

Good afternoon,
I would like to know your opinion on a distressing situation that is becoming unsustainable. I live with my boyfriend, we’ve been together for two years, and he has always been a very "blocked" person even though he left his family to be with me. I thought it was just caused by his personality, due to the very sad vicissitudes of his life. Instead, over time he seems heartless, cold, and without feelings, despite he really doesn’t want to break up. He is detached from reality, he doesn't see his disrespect, he can't take his pulse in situations and face things (even if, in words, he says it's right), he postpones and is indifferent to everything (for example he hasn't yet proceeded to the legal separation from his wife) but I repeat he doesn't want us to break up. Sometimes I cry and he sleeps, he's not empathetic at all. Moreover, especially when he is at rest, he has some jerky movements as when the nerves relax. I am desperate. He has just been in Rome and has participated in Enroll but he has not done the genetic test. I know very well that you cannot give a precise answer to the question that follows, but please, is it possible to know if these could be the primary symptoms of this terrible disease?
Thank you.

Good morning, we understand your concern. The disease, as you know, is very subtle. It could, in principle, also hide itself behind behaviors such as those you describe, but it does not necessarily have to be that way in this case. It is difficult to answer your question. Has your partner been included in Enroll with us? We remain at your disposal, also for a personal interview.