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Loris Belcastro
Computer engineer. He is graduated at the University of Calabria. He has a strong experience in software engineering and development, cloud computing, data mining, parallel and distributed systems.
Giuseppe Belfiore
Neurologist. He has been Medical Director of the Hospital Vito Fazzi (Lecce) Neurology Department from 1980 untill 2011. 
Arianna Benvenuti
Secretary. Graduated in Modern and Contemporary History at the University Sapienza of Rome, she has had a long experience as an executive secretary, both in national and international organizations.
Barbara D'Alessio
Management and Communication Department. Graduated in Law at Sapienza University in Rome and specialized in Marketing Management. She has a15 years experience in nonprofit Management, Communications and Development.
Francesca Lovo
Psychologist and psychotherapist with a cognitive - behavioral specialization. She has an extensive experience in treating psychiatric patients psychopathological symptoms; she is based in Milan.
Massimo Marano
Medical Doctor specializing in Neurology at the Biomedical Campus, University of Rome. He has experience in movement disorders , such as Huntington's disease .
Irene Mazzante

She is investigator in the observational and experimental research programs and actively supports also the clinical activity. Graduated in Psychology at Sapienza University of Rome, she has been working for many years with neurodegenerative diseases patients.

Simone Migliore
Psychologist and psychotherapist. He is graduated in Psychology at the University Vita - Salute San Raffaele in Milan: he has a strong expertice in neuropsychological and psychopathology disorders, including HD. 

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