HD as a Good Practice in Clinical Trials - Milan, June 25, 2015

Why HD, among neurological diseases, can be considered as a good practice in clinical trials?  

Ferdinando Squitieri will answer to this question on the next June 25 at the Conference on Neurological Clinical Trial, which will take place at Dipartimento di Scienze Riabilitative - Casa di Cura Policlinico di Milano.

The clinical trials world is very complex because of strict rules and protocols, and high costs.

From their side, patients have high expectations in new experimental drugs.

The conference will face all the critical aspects of a neurological drug trial.


Participation is open to all interested people and it is free of charge.

It is requested the online registration on  http://www.ccppdezza.it/news-2/convegno-sulla-sperimentazione-clinica-i…