Coronavirus e Huntington suvery online

Huntington e COVID-19: the LIRH's Foundation survey to measure the impact of the emergency on the families involved

Since the beginning of the "Coronavirus emergency", many organizations and institutions have promoted initiatives aimed at bringing out the needs of rare patients and patients.


We are well aware, however, that patients are not all the same, not only because the diseases are different, but simply because, the people affected are not the same, they remain different, even when affected by the same pathology, as in the case of a complex disease such as Huntington's disease.


We are conscious that most of the uneasiness are common to everybody and strictly related to the fear of contagion and to the prolonged stay at home, but we asked ourselves: how is the Italian Huntington community experiencing this situation?


Since the beginning of the Covid emergency, the LIRH Foundation has never interrupted its assistance to families, our contact with them has remained constant, both through the toll-free number and through various audio-visual tools.
We are interested in getting to know your needs deeper and better and for this reason we ask you to answer a few short questions.

It is important  to take the correct picture of the situation: this will allow us - and all interested operators - to have the tools to intervene in the most appropriate way to support you, your family and the entire Huntington community.

The compilation of the survey can be done anonymously.

To answer the questions, it takes only 2 minutes

Thanks for your time and for your contribution. Fill in the survey!