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A new hope for a cure: pridopidine will return to a experimental phase

In an official press release of June 3, 2020, Prilenia Therapeutics, a biotech company focused on developing new treatments for neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders, announced that it has raised $ 62.5 million to fund two clinical trials, one in HD and one in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

In both studies, the pridopidine molecule will be tested, the latter is well known in the HD world, it’s been studied for many years and it has proven to be able to preserve the functional functionality in patients in early stages of disease, based on to the TFC scale (Total Function Capacity Scale).

The latest clinical trial Open-Pride, funded by the pharmaceutical company Teva, was unexpectedly stopped in phase II at the end of 2017.

Finally, today, there is new possibility that a phase III trial will start, this will eventually allow to expand the therapeutic use of this molecule on a larger scale.

"Pridopidine is a drug with a long and troubled history and its neuroprotective biological mechanisms, have begun to rise only recently”. This is Ferdinando Squitieri’s, principal coordinator of all the previous clinical trials of pridopidine, comment 

Find attached, the official press release from Prilenia, that you can also read here

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