The symptoms I have could be associated to Huntington's disease?

I am 18 years old and reading about this disease I realized that I have many of its symptoms.
At the age of 16, I developed a craze to pull my hair in a convulsive way, my level of attention has dropped a lot (I notice this from the mathematical tasks in which I make many distraction mistakes even though I am sure that in that moment I am concentrated), I am affected by muscle stiffness (when I am subject to a stressful situation such as a task or a test my legs and lips are always tense) and I have become prone to develop addictions especially from food.
However, in recent times (for a few months now) I can control the convulsive movements and addictions but I cannot say the same for muscle stiffness and attention.
I would like to know if, for such a picture, there is the possibility of some correlation with the disease and therefore if it is worth performing a genetic test or not.
Thank you very much!