Incontro con le famiglie Huntington sarde - 28 Maggio 2022

LIRH Sardegna and LIRH Foundation meet the HD families to talk about research and care

The appointment is at the Antas Theater in San Sperate (Cagliari) at 3.00 pm, Saturday 28 May 2022.

In the HD Awareness Month, LIRH Sardinia Association promotes a meeting open to Huntington families, to share spaces and times, thoughts, needs and information on the current available therapeutic options and on the disease management.

"Sardinian families have been isolated for too long." - said Alessia Zurru, President of the LIRH Sardinia Association - The time has come, also for us, to be taken in charge and to access experimental programs ".

Prof. Ferdinando Squitieri, Scientific Director of LIRH Foundation, together with the President, Barbara D'Alessio will be attending.

The meeting will take place in an informal and open manner.

It will be a chat between people who share the same goal: to improve, for as long as possible, the lives of people with Huntington's disease, people at-risk and their caregivers.

Participation is free.

For organizational reasons, a confirmation to would be appreciated.  

The appointment is at 3.00 pm at the Antas Theater in San Sperate (Cagliari) in Via Arbarei, 10.